🍰Ugly Pool

Don't vibe with your Regular? Swap with the Ugly Pool!

Visit the Ugly Pool at https://swap.regular.world/

The Ugly Pool allows you to trade a Regular for a Regular in the Ugly Pool at no cost, plus gas. If you bought a new Regular but would prefer a different one, try looking through the Ugly Pool to see if your dream Regular is waiting for you.

How To Use

Scroll through the Regulars in the Ugly Pool, and start by clicking the Regular you want. Click the "Swap in Pool" button top-right to open the list of Regulars you own that you can swap for your desired Regular. Next, the "Continue" button will bring up the swap confirmation screen. Confirming this swap will open the transaction in your wallet for approval.

You can check recent Ugly Pool trades by clicking the "Activity" button on the home page. Check back often! New Regulars may be swapped in at any time.

Community Focus

The typical gas cost for swapping is 0.005 to 0.01 with low to medium network congestion, making the Ugly Pool a superior alternative to listing, selling, and buying a new Regular if you're looking for a new Regular that speaks to you. Since you are swapping with a smart contract, the service is always available and there's no need to wait for a counterparty to approve anything.

The Ugly Pool contract supports other collections, and in the future we would love to see other collections create an Ugly Pool with us.

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