Regular Jobs are a separate, tradable NFT that you can use to earn an ERC20 token called “Regular Dollars” (ⓇREG).

Regular Jobs look like a regular ID card you might be issued as an employee.

Each Regular Job will allow you to name your Regular and earn a random salary in ⓇREG which you claim any time for a gas fee.

Each Regular Job will allow you to name your Regular and earn a salary in ⓇREG, which you claim any time for a gas-fee.

Regular Jobs are tradable on secondary markets, and you can reassign your Regular Job to a different Regular you own any time.

Regular Jobs will display the name of the Regular that is assigned to it, a random Job title, and 1 of 60 companies.

How are Regular Jobs minted?

Jobs are free, but they will cost gas to mint. Your wallet must have a Regular in it to mint a Job. Visit regular.world with the wallet that holds your Regulars.

You can mint a maximum of 10 Jobs at a time. This limitation is on the front end only as a precaution against failed transactions. You are welcome to mint more jobs directly from the contract if you understand the risk and can navigate gas settings.

Your wallet must have a Regular in it to mint a Job.

There is an advanced option to mint directly from the contract if you do not have access to Regulars or if they are in cold storage.

Are Jobs Free?

Jobs are free, but they cost gas to mint.

Each Regular can mint one Job and they will not be allowed to mint more than one, even if the Regular is transferred to another wallet.

What about gas?

This is a complex NFT and gas costs are higher than a minimal ERC721. Because of the complexity, a mint may fail if it uses the minimum amount of gas required by the network.

We suggest using MetaMask’s “Aggressive” gas setting, or using the “Site suggested” setting.

This is a free mint and we won’t be in a position to reimburse lost gas on failed transactions. To ensure your mint transactions don’t fail, we suggest using the Flashbots RPC network which guarantees your transaction will succeed or your transaction will be canceled at no cost. You can learn more about Flashbots RPC here: https://docs.flashbots.net/flashbots-protect/rpc/quick-start/

This is not an ERC721A so each mint will have a gas cost. Because each Regular is guaranteed a Job, there is no rush (other than to start earning ⓇREG) and we encourage everyone to wait until gas is low.

How do I give my Regular a Job?

From the moment you mint a Job, the Job will be assigned to the Regular you used to mint and you will be earning a salary.

You can reassign the Job to another Regular any time.

If you buy a Job on a secondary market, it will be “blank” and you will need to assign it a Regular before you can start earning a salary

How can I reassign a Job to a different Regular

Visit https://regular.world/dashboard and find the Regular with the Job you want to reassign. Click the ellipses (...) to show the “Reassign Job” option.

Can I sell my Job?

Yes, you can buy or sell Jobs on secondary markets and reassign to them other Regulars you own. If you sell a Job without claiming the ⓇREG token that has accumulated, it will be lost and reset to zero.

Be sure to claim your ⓇREG before selling the Job!

What happens if I sell a Job that a Regular is assigned to?

The Job will disconnect from your Regular and become “Blank” when it is transferred.

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