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Regular Dollars, is the ERC20 token which Regulars earn from their jobs in the form of a salary. REG accumulates as soon as a Regular is assigned a job. REG will need to be claimed in order to use it on regular.world. REG is capped at 100 million tokens.

How do I claim Regular Dollars?

You can claim the ⓇREG your Regulars have earned within your dashboard on regular.world. Claiming ⓇREG will require you to pay a gas fee.

What can I do with Regulars Dollars?

The REG token is an ERC20 so you can use it like any other ERC20.

We will be opening up a Regular Store where you will be able to purchase other NFT’s from the Regulars ecosystem.

How can I earn more ⓇREG?

Other opportunities will arise to earn more reg. The more working regulars you have, the more you will earn, and there are two bonus structures.

Seniority Bonus: Each Job has a “seniority level” and that will start as either 0 or 1. Higher seniority levels will earn a bonus btw 10% – 160%. The details of how to increase your seniority level have not been released.. and probably won’t be anytime soon.

Teamwork bonus: You get a bonus for owning multiple regs in one company. For every 1% of the company you own, you will get a 10% bump in salary for those regs.

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